Students Interested in Pathology

The East Carolina University (ECU) Brody School of Medicine Students Interested in Pathology (SIP) is a student interest group that welcomes medical, undergraduate, and graduate students who attend East Carolina University and are interested in learning more about pathology in general and about careers in Pathology specifically. The Brody SIP group was formed in 2006. It has been supported financially by ECU Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine funds, the Brody School of Medicine Office of Student Affairs student interest group funding, and Medical Student Interest Group Grants from the Intersociety Council for Pathology Information.

The group selects a president or co-presidents who meet with the pathology faculty advisor at the beginning of the academic year to strategically plan meetings that occur approximately monthly, August through April.  Noon sessions are presented by Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine faculty or residents and (1) highlight an anatomic or clinical pathology topic of interest to students (forensic pathology topics, Creutzfeldt-Jacob disease, evolution of HIV and syphilis testing), (2) introduce students to the role that pathologists play in clinical and research realms, and (3) illustrate the diverse career niches in Pathology. Meetings are open to all students who want to learn more about the topics being discussed and career opportunities in pathology.


Membership is available to Brody School of Medicine medical students, East Carolina University graduate students, and East Carolina undergraduate students. Students interested in applying for membership should contact Jared Ratz at

SIP Presidents 2023-2024

Jarett Story

Matthew Tugman

Information about Pathology

The following links provide information about the specialty of pathology.

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